There was a time that Good and Evil were evenly balanced, but because of The Void Master's so called death occurred, the balance had shifted and peace happened for once. The rock that The Void Master had been trapped in, crashed on earth in The Mortal Realm during a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. The impact was so massive that it caused an extinction period during the Cretaceous period. For many years, The Void Master waited to be free from the rock, but in order for him to be free, a mortal must touch the rock and from there, The Void Master haunts the mortal's mind until he gains enough power to take full control of the mortal's body. Soon, civilizations would discover the rock and claim the rock has magic powers and abilities no man has ever faced with. The first to discover the rock would be the Babylonians, but their knowledge of the rock would be lost to time. The egyptains discoverd the rock many years, but the power of the rock consumed their civilization. So they gave the rock to the atlantians of atlantis as a gift. It was said they discovered the rocks secrets and its raw power, but a tsunami swallowed their civilization and the rock was lost to the mediterania sea. Arround the time the crusades began, the Templar knights discoveed the rock as it washed ashore the holly land. Many that touched the rock became insane and some even dead because the power was too great for them to deal with. The leader of the templar knights, Hugues De Payens, ordered that the rock should be guarded and those that touch the rock shall be executed on site. For years, the Templars kept the rock a secret and away from people, until the Assasins Creed stole the rock and studied its secrets. Leonardo Davinci was the last great man who studied and touch the rock, unfortunately he died because the rock still contained too much knowledge for any mortal to posess. The rock was then burried in florence, italy and was forgotten. The knowledge of the rock was kept by the Assasins Creed as a secret and to this day is never mentioned by any assasin. In 1941 A.D, the germans took controll of italy and stormed the city of florence, in search of artifacts and ancient knowledge from mythology and cryptozoology. What they found instead was the red glowing rock burried underneath florence, they chizzled pieces of the rock off and kept them in special containers believing that God had blessed the rock with knowledge of our universe. Adolph Hittler touched a sliver of the rock and became insane. He would die by supposed suiccide in 1945 unfortunately, after WW 2 was finished, the nazi germans secretly hid the rock in brazil of south america where many rumors spread of Hittler still alive. In August, 2014, Arcyologysts Margret Thacher, Jason Thatcher and their son Thomas Thatcher ventured to Brazil to accidently discover the rock. It was still glowing red, so the family ordered an arcyological dig over to where the rock was hidden. One night, Tom was having nightmares about the rock and even heard evil voices wispering in his ear saying "Touch the rock" over and over again

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