Years after his release from a dimension that was once so full of friendship and magic now turned into insanity and murder, The Void Master sought out for knowledge and utter chaos. What he found astounded him, a realm hidden from him. The Void Master felt angered at the thought of a single realm hidden from him, so he set out to study and learn from the secret realm that he called "The Ninth Realm". It was there that he saw that this realm is so closely related to The Mortal Realm, it has an exact copy of its solar system and planets. The only difference was that the planet Earth in this realm was set through an apocalypse, the down fall of what was an age of man is now the age of dying. The Void Master was rather pleased with this planet and had personally made landfall onto the planet to greet the mortals to his insane religion. The first true mortal to meet him was a man that made his name clear to all that lived on earth, his name was The Rat King. He personally welcomed The Void Master to their world and even had a festival in preparations to help The Void Master feel welcomed. The festival would be called "The Grand Diablo" and everyone in the city of Boston was invited at the festival. Everyone there at the festival ate, drank, laughed and danced the night away, all except The Void Master and The Rat King. They discussed about what Boston had to offer such as The Fight Pits, The Rat Market, The Common Theater, ect. and though The Void Master was happy to discover The Ninth Realm, he couldn't help but feel as if this would be the last place that The Void Master would ever visit. This feeling would prove to be correct because later that night, The Rat King visited The Void Master in his sleep and stole a piece of The Void Master's chains. When The Void Master awoke, he saw that he was chained up against a giant rock and a gun pointed directly towards him. The Rat King soon explained that "I want to test my new weapon on you Void Master, one that will help me expand my power and make me the most richest person across this damn planet!" The Void Master struggled to escape the chains as the weapon charged up to maximum power and soon the gun fired on The Void Master, causing him and the rock that he was chained to be blasted into space. Because of the weapons power, The Void Master fused with the rock and the rock eventually went through many wormholes. It soon crashed on a planet called earth and this earth was located in The Mortal Realm.

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