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The Void Master, also known as Ti 'burson, is a character from the Gregator universe. He is a dark, cruel being who lives in The Void, a secret dimension of his own creation and is the oldest being in existence. He is not a god, but has the power of one. He was born long ago when time began. His father, Ad mular, was the first god and created males across different dimensions and across different universes. His mother, Kal tam, was the first goddess and created females across different dimensions and different universes. The Void Master was proof that life can exist and when his parents created him they placed him in the center of the Ula Universe, but his lust for insanity and death consumed him. When he grew older, he killed his own parents  and gained all of their knowledge and power. He then changed his name from Ti 'burson to the Void Master and made his appearance dark and sinister. He created his own, secret dimension called The Void where he created the tree of life. The Tree of Life is the only thing in existence in the Void dimension, it is an object that the Void Master can use to take a life without judgement from The Elder Gods.

He created the ways of the dark side and has mastered his own dark magic. His hunger for more power increased until he became something so evil, so dark that he killed his parents and using his dark magic absorbed their powers. As he absorbed their powers and their souls his appearance changed and became a twisted remnant of his former self. It is said that the Void Masters powers are so great that with a flick of a finger, he can destroy everything in existence. The Elder Gods offered him a throne at The Table of Judgement, but he turned down their offer because he believes that life should be taken without judgment, unlike The Elder Gods. He has been spotted in different universes and in different universes so he could spread the word of insanity to any unsuspecting victims that cross his path.

The First WarEdit

The Void Master had created The Void and gained all the power he ever wanted after the death of his parents. In order to get his name voiced out to all that existed, he needed to start an event that would be told for many years to come. His first approach was to start a treaty with The Elder Gods by having them agree to allow him have an alliance with The God of War and Death. At the time, the first God of War and Death was Luma T'mare. The alliance was never stable between Luma and The Void Master because since Luma T'Mare had served under the order of The Elder Gods, he took lives and judged them for their sins and crimes against those that had suffered under his religious order. The Void Master eventually got so mad at Luma one day that he killed him and kept his skull as part of his throne in The Void. The Elder Goddess, Lucinda, soon learned of his death and summoned The Void Master to face his judgement for killing Luma. The treaty had been declared as false imprisonment of The God of War and Death. The Void Master told The Elder Gods at the summoning that "War is eminent to those that judge."

Because of what The Void Master had said to The Elder Gods, an all out war had begun. The war would last a millennial and because the gods focused their attention on the war, humanity suffered from a plague that nearly wiped out both gods and mortals. Even though The Elder Gods were a set of twelve ancient gods, their power was no match for the Void Masters power. He prove to be a powerful being and he even got close to kill all of The Elder Gods, however, the Void Master underestimated the power from an ancient being known as The Creator. The war ended in The Elder Gods favor and they imprisoned the Void Master into the realm of equines. Though he was imprisoned in a dimension full of colorful, talking ponies, he had plans on making his imprisonment more like The Void. He spent a thousand years in a dimension that was once full of pure happiness, turned to cruel insanity, plotting his return and anxious to introduce a new definition to insanity. His wish was granted by Mataris, The God of Life and Lore, he promised the Void Master freedom from his imprisonment in exchange for a small piece of bark from The Tree of Life . The Void Master knew that he would be let out of his imprisonment but was in shock that a God of Life and Lore would set him free, he made the deal happen and presented Mataris with a piece of bark from The Tree of Life. Mataris kept his word and The void master was sent free from the dimension of equines, free to create chaos and destruction anywhere.

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The Void Master "I am the Void Master, I am fear, I am...your worst nightmare."

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